Monday, 15 November 2010

Considering a Walking holiday in Andalucia? (Good idea!)

Walking in Andalucia is the most fantastic way to see this wonderful countryside and to enjoy your walking experience, however, please remember it is often overlooked that some walks will take you into quite remote areas.

Safety in mind when walking in Andalucia
A great deal of walks often start from or near a traditional Andalucian village which allows you to see the real andalucian way of life while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. After finding somewhere to park, it won’t be long after starting your walk that it can start to feel quite remote. PLEASE remember when out walkingin Axarquia  it is not usual to go all day and not see anyone, which is great, but if someone is slightly injured and their walking is impaired you could be in a little bit of trouble. Mobile phone coverage in inland areas is not good so ensure you check your mobile phone on a regular basis while you are out walking. When and if you can find a signal, mark it on your map in case of an emergency.  Always ensure that you have a couple of torches and spare batteries with you in case it turns dark before you have returned. Remember, you are probably following walking notes and the route will be completely new to you. If you are relying on someone else’s timings always allow a couple of extra hours just in case.
Always inform someone of your walking route and your expected return time. This really is important when you are abroad as when you are in holiday mode and the weather is good, this is the very type of thing we forget to do, or decide is not necessary. When staying in an Hotel or B&B it’s easy to leave details with reception, but when you have rented an apartment privately, you need to think carefully about who you can leave your walking plans with. 

Mountain rescue teams as we know them in UK do not exist here in Spain.  Spain does have the Guardia civil police who will attend an emergency callout.    Emergency no is 112 

Maps:  We all know that UK maps show excellent detail and walking routes and are kept up to date. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for good old Spanish map! When and if you can find one, the information will be many years old and will not show information with any great accuracy. Walking routes and paths will not be shown.  Ensure you bring with you to Spain the maps and the routes you wish to walk, as you may not be able to source them over here.

Please ensure you do your homework and come fully prepared for your walking holiday, you will find walking in Spain a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Enjoy your holiday!